Stress Management Counseling

Stress Management

When you stress, it is healthy and can even be life-saving in your daily life. For instance, our cave-dwelling family knew when danger lurked as an essential emotion kicked in. Today, fear, like stress, keeps you alert on the road to avoid accidents.

When the stress hormone kicks in, it is normal, but problems arise when you feel the same fight-to-flight emotions that are not life-threatening. For instance, you keep stressing about a work project that is not life-threatening.

Or you hold onto feelings long after the stress passes, like in PTSD cases.

Different Types of StressĀ 

People experience stress differently, but you find three types of unhealthy stress. Still, it affects people's daily life, and all experience similar symptoms:

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  • Insomnia struggling to sleep
  • Headaches
  • A change in weight
  • The heart rate excels, and you have constant pain in the chest

Still, people need not live with extreme stress all the time as Marriage Counseling of Orlando has treatments available. Here are the three main types of stress:

"As a child, I suffered abuse, and growing up was difficult. I made some horrible life choices ending up with substance abuse. Luckily I found a good friend that helped me through the stages of my stress after ridding myself of substance use. I spoke to one of the counselors for stress management at Marriage Counseling of Orlando. They worked with me on a long road and finally, I can live with myself and all the abuse I had to take, knowing that I was not the cause of it."

- M Rourke

Chronic Stress DisorderĀ 

When you work a high-pressure job or have financial troubles, long-term stressors can cause chronic stress. People suffering from this form of stress live under pressure levels daily.

Hence, people will have physical symptoms of elevated adrenaline and cortisol. These can lead to different ailments with time as they are always on high alert and not sleeping.

Chronic stress leads to anxiety resulting in panic attacks, and without the correct treatment, it takes its toll on the body. In addition, this form of disordered stress leads to trouble concentrating with frequent headaches and irritability.

The person's self-esteem plummets, and their appetite changes leaving them with hopelessness and helplessness. Eventually, it will cause heart disease, stroke, memory problems, other anxiety disorders, or depression.

When identifying chronic stress symptoms, stress management counseling can help to minimize the effects and triggers.

Acute Stress Disorder

Acute stress relates to traumatic stress resulting from life events, leaving the person in fear. For example, the person has consistent pressure resulting from a violent crime, or a loved one dies suddenly, and no foul play is present.

The effects of stress in acute stress are ongoing, resulting from a one-time event. This type of stress is unhealthy and leaves the person with high hormones leading to tension for months.

Traumatic stress shows signs of being startled easily, irritable at times, getting flashbacks, having no memory of the event, having panic attacks, pulling away from reality, avoiding places associated with their trauma, and having trouble falling asleep.

To treat this emotional stress, our counselors will start with a complete evaluation to determine the care that person needs. Then, we might prescribe medication and help guide the person through different ways to get through the trauma.

Episodic Acute Stress Disorder

This form of a feeling of stress is associated with perfectionists or Type A personalities. It happens when the person goes through excessive stress only with small triggers.

The level of stress is intense but lasts for a short while. Still, triggers result internally as they have unrealistic expectations for themselves. As a result, they feel extreme stress after letdowns.

Many people find people suffering from this overwhelming stress dramatic. Symptoms experienced are continuous heartburn, panic attacks, an increased heart rate, muscle pain, and even uncontrolled rage.

With professional help, a person with this form of stress can lead an everyday life with physical exercise and some lifestyle changes.

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Stress Management Counseling Can Help

If you feel stressed in your personal lives and feel you cannot cope, we can help you with your mental health disorders. Do not let the feelings of pressure get you down, lifting your blood pressure levels. Contact us today, as we have different effective treatments to help.

We can help you with coping methods to handle daily pressures. A popular treatment is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, as it is versatile and practical. With the coping mechanisms, you learn it will provide you with positive thinking to reverse those adverse effects.

Even lifestyle changes help hand in hand with CBT. For example, you might need to change your habits to routines to help minimize stress triggers. Lastly, depending on your type of stress, we might recommend medication as part of stress management therapy.

Still, while rarely used, we only use it when a life is in danger.