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Are you feeling irritable or even restless? Maybe you have lost your appetite or have seen changes in your weight. Do you have difficulty concentrating at work or school or not focusing?

Yes, these feelings of hopelessness are all symptoms of anxiety that can lead to depression. However, while anxiety and depression are two different things, the two go hand in hand together.

Depressive disorder is having a constant feeling of loss of interest or sadness in life. On the other hand, anxiety always leaves you with unwanted racing thoughts.

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Both these symptoms are harmful, especially when you do not seek help. If you are feeling any of these symptoms from anxiety or depression, please get in touch with one of our expert counselors to help. Marriage Counseling of Orlando can help you with an anxiety or depression therapist straight away.

Major Depression and Anxiety Symptoms

Whether you have anxiety symptoms or depression disorders, both are severe conditions. These two related mental illnesses have common symptoms that can impact your personal life differently. The common depression symptoms are:

  • You always feel sad and crying
  • You feel hopeless with everything you do
  • You have the loss of taking part in loved or pleasurable activities
  • You have the feeling of irritability, fatigue, restlessness, and lack of concentration
  • You always have negative feelings about social distancing
  • Your weight keeps changing
  • You cannot concentrate

You may experience some of these symptoms related to depression, while another person might only experience a few. Here are the anxiety symptoms to look out for:

  • You worry all the time, and your thoughts keep racing
  • You feel restless, tired, sweating, and irritable
  • You have excessive worries with a lack of concentration
  • You always feel as if your life is doomed

Again you can experience a few of these symptoms while another experiences them all. Still, all the above symptoms are harmful to your health. So, if you experience these symptoms, contact one of our mental health counselors to help.

Once the therapists identify the symptoms you experience, they will provide you with an appropriate diagnosis to start your entire healing journey.

"I lost my parents when I was very young and fell into depression as I aged. I kept blaming myself and developed self-hate. Finally, I started suffering from health conditions, and a close friend helped me to book an appointment with one of the therapists. I started an individualized treatment plan and am thrilled with myself today."

- C Gable

What Causes These Feelings

The leading cause of these symptoms can result from many things in your life. Yet, it is primarily a result of genetics, family history, to any traumatic events in your life.

So, if you have a family history of depression, it can be genetic, leaving you with depression and anxiety disorders. Yet, it does not guarantee that you will develop the condition, but you could have experienced a traumatic life event that triggered the disorder.

Some common triggers can include child abuse, divorce, job loss, or intense stress resulting from financial problems. Hence, it can trigger different changes within your body, leading to anxiety or depression disorders.

So, when your heart rate starts jumping around daily, the triggers cause a chemical reaction and imbalance in your brain, leading to these feelings again which can lead you to addiction.

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How Can Depression & Anxiety Counseling Help

Depression counseling Orlando FL 32801

Once the symptoms of depression or anxiety are diagnosed, the depression experts create a personalized treatment plan. The methods of therapy can vary depending on your condition.

But you will go through lifestyle interventions like increasing your exercise as it can help control your moods. The counselor might prescribe anti-depressants or even anti-anxiety drugs.

Furthermore, it will be recommended that you partake in a talk-based therapy session provided by us here at Marriage Counseling of Orlando. Whether you suffer from behavioral disorders, compulsive disorders, or obsessive-compulsive disorder daily, we can help.