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Premarital counseling in Orlando is beneficial if you are getting married. But why make premarital counseling part of your major goals before saying I Do? Why would couples consider workshops for couples when they know you're the perfect match for each other?

As a relationship specialist, Marriage Counseling of Orlando has learned a few things along the way. Firstly, new couples sometimes get disillusioned with the terms desire, love, and obsession.

Why? As there is no solid definition for the term love! A common mistake couples make is that they have hopeful expectations of living happily ever after once married.

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Many couples have unrealistic relationship expectations the other partner does not know about. For example, many couples think they have a stable relationship with a painted picture of the family in the future.

Still, it can be one partner's picture while the other expectations differ. For this reason, we recommend having a comprehensive couple assessment done as countless couples these days end up in divorce court for these reasons.

Premarital Counseling: How does it look like with us?

When you decide to come to us for premarital counseling in Orlando, we will ask you as a couple to make a list of all the things you love about each other. We have found common responses in the past as we get a blank stare with annoyance.

Hence, you may find a response of I love my partner as they are kind, trustworthy, and funny; we have the same outlook in life and have loads of fun together. We love the same things, and we respect each other both of us are hardworking and have good values.

The next question is for couples to list how they can define what it means to be respectful, kind, and trustworthy. By this time, our marriage counseling specialist starts noting that one of the partners is irritable now.

The partner will blurt out, advising the counselor that defining those words is trying to explain English to another person with a foreign language. So, we hate to break it to you. But no one ever really trusts another person, as there is nothing to trust.

You trust your partner as they will not cheat on you, lie, or hurt you. But to think that, you first need to be true to yourself. So, when you place your hopeful expectation to desires onto another, it is best to leave it up to that person to decide.

Hence, no matter how much you love each other along the way, you will end up disappointing each other and playing the blame game. So, before you know it, you end up fighting each other, and your communication skills go out the door.

For the above reasons, we offer premarital counseling to help with conflict resolution and personality differences to tackle major stressors.

"When Trevor and I decided to get engaged we kept telling our parents they need not worry. Still, it took some convincing and we decided to participate in pre-marital counseling with Marriage Counseling of Orlando. Together we learned new things about each other and know what family goals are. Now, our parents are satisfied and we are happier than before."

- Trevor and Bell

Fundamental Elements of Pre-Marital Counseling

When you decide to get married and want a balanced relationship with marriage enrichment, each one needs to know their roles in marriage. Hence, there are fundamental elements that need discussing with premarital therapy.

The first thing is premarital couple expectations. Here it would be best if you discussed each other's expectations for marriage, as it is vital. Why? Because when you do say the two of you align with your goals, you must define what it means.

You may have a different belief system from your childhood than your partner, which might not work now. So, to prevent resentment further down the line, it helps to discuss these matters now.

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Thus, it can all be possible with premarital education to provide you with a happy marriage. The next step is for you to align yourself first. For you to be able to achieve this, you must be able to say that you feel comfortable in the relationship.

A common mistake most couples make is placing responsibility on the other partner. They want their partner to make them fulfilled, happy, and satisfied. The problem is those things you need to find within yourself.

So, learn to be independent first with your interests before getting into a relationship. You need not depend on each other to achieve this. Lastly, what's the rush slows down and date?

Yes, both partners need to see how the other reflects in different situations, from visiting children, family, and weddings to large crowds. When you can see one another fitting into each other's concerns mentioned, it can lead to a satisfying marriage.

Build a Long-Term Relationship Success

You can build a healthy relationship when visiting us at Marriage Counseling of Orlando. We will equip you with skills with relationship tools to help you get through communication differences before you get married.

Furthermore, you will learn if you are doing the right thing in getting married and will understand what it is to be in a loving, open, and healthy marriage. Finally, you will learn that issues arise in the future, but with conflict resolution skills, you will be prepared for them.

Let's help you with premarital counseling today to work through difficulties before they arise later in life. Contact us NOW; we would love to help you on your road to a happy married life.

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