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Grieving is a powerful yet natural emotional reaction to any loss. The response to loss varies from person to person, but you all feel emotional pain, loneliness, and sadness. To grieve is a healthy process, and it does not mean there is a mental disorder and those complicated feelings can result from:

  • Losing a loved one or pet
  • Losing your job
  • Finding out you have a terminal illness
  • Ending a relationship or losing an ability

As you can see, the type of grief can vary, but the loss itself leaves you feeling out of control. Still, learning more about the different grief stages will leave you less distressed.

The Different Stages of Grief

When you anticipate the effects of grief, it can help you understand the feelings to help you or another person cope. As grief counselors, Marriage Counseling of Orlando has recognized different stages of grief:

  1. First, you have denial as soon as you or another person learns about the loss. You experience shock and then feel numb. Rejection helps you defend yourself against the emotions to help you through the grieving process.
  2. Next, anger starts to work its way into your life as you must begin to deal with the reality of your loss. You feel helpless, and it leads to anger. You may even try to find something or someone to blame for your loss.
  3. Then, the bargaining starts as you feel you could have done things differently, even if unavoidable. Finally, you end up with what is filling your mind.
  4. As time progresses and it becomes clearer, you cannot change anything. Depression kicks in. You often cry, struggle to sleep, or eat too much or too little.
  5. Lastly, you have acceptance of your loss, not that it means you have gotten over it. The final stage teaches you to live with the reality of your loss.

While these are the primary stages of grief, each person's experience differs. As a result, you may find some people going back and forth between these stages even before they move on.

"I lost my Benny quite a while ago. While I still grieve about him, I have come to terms with it and dealt with it better. The fact is no one will be able to bring him back. The grief counseling experience has helped me move through all the stages and get my life back on track."

- M Knox

Grief: How long does it last?

Grief does not have a timetable, and the length it lasts varies from one person to another. Furthermore, the impact of emotional pain depends on the loss.

In some cases, some people cannot move on without help. As grief counseling Orlando professionals, we call this form of anguish complicated grief that needs professional attention.

These symptoms include clinical depression, self-harming to suicidal thoughts, self-blame, and difficulty moving through daily life and getting out of bed.

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How to Overcome Your Grief

Grief can feel like the end of your world and impossible to pass. Maybe your pain does not want you to move on through the stages of grief. Yet, the imperative thing is to move past your suffering does not mean getting over your loss or even not feeling sad.

The important thing is for you to overcome your grief and learn to live with your loss. Hence, you can honor your memories and start creating new ones in their place.

Thus, counseling for grief can help you to move past the pain. Marriage Counseling Orlando has different treatments available to help.

Individual Counseling

With individual grief counseling, you can spend one-on-one time with a therapist to go through the grief process. Your counselor will guide you through your intense grief by providing healthy coping skills. You can be a flood of emotions and have someone to share them with.

Group Counseling

With group grief counseling, you meet up with another person who shares the various feelings they experience. The group is led under the guidance of a grief counselor as people share their stories. Losing a loved one or any other form of loss is a major life transition, and sharing it with like-minded people helps. Thus, you get a sense of connection while sharing similar life experiences.

Grief Counseling for Kids

Children do not understand loss as parents do, and they grieve differently. Marriage Counseling of Orlando has specialized counselors to help children that face a challenging time resulting from loss.

A wave of emotion hit them differently, and a parent is included in these sessions. Furthermore, counselors can teach parents how to deal with a child's loss by encouraging a parent to discuss their feelings.

The therapists will recommend keeping the lines of communication open all the time and making space for their kids' outbursts of sadness.

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