Infidelity Counseling Orlando

Infidelity Counseling

When couples become unfaithful to one another, many people say something is wrong. To some extent, it is true, but in some cases, it can also be a form of sexual addiction.

Yes, happily married couples never look for comfort elsewhere. But if couples start looking for solace elsewhere, there are different reasons why it can happen.

Dissatisfaction in the Relationship Orlando FL 32801
  • Boredom in the marriage
  • Feeling disconnected from one another
  • One partner feeling dissatisfied with the sex life

You can even find a partner becoming unfaithful after a significant event after moving in together or childbirth. No matter the reason for infidelity, it can cause tremendous damage to a relationship.

The problem is that betrayal brings out the worst in people as they feel cheated on. Hence, it results in anger, upset, guilt, and even depression. So, skilled counselors can help you if you feel cheated.

Start The Healing Process With Infidelity Counseling

Here at Marriage Counseling of Orlando, we offer several services for infidelity. You can get life coaching with expert advice for affair recovery counseling with us. With the help of affair counseling, therapists can help in some critical ways:

  • Counseling for adultery helps couples get to the route of the problem, making them feel unhappy about doing it in the first place.
  • Counseling for infidelity can help couples discuss it and common issues.
  • With couples counseling, therapists can teach couples to practice honesty between them.
  • Lastly, couple counseling can assist couples in building on their future to find ways to move away from the past and forgive.

"I met a man online, and he promised me the world resulting in me becoming infatuated with him. Eventually, my relationship with my partner suffered. I eventually told my partner, and we went through a rough time. Finally, weFinally, we decided to see a couples counselor at Marriage Counseling of Orlando to work through our list of issues. Today we are happier together and can resolve our problems easier."

- Dominic Lewis

Defining Cheating

When you look at the word cheating, the first thing that comes to mind is someone having an affair while in a relationship with another. Yet, cheating can come in many forms, as seen here:

You Get Social Media Cheating

You can even cheat your partner on social media with phone affairs, sexting, or sending a private message.

Then, of course, you get pictures in exchange, taking time away from your partner as you become obsessed with the person.

Cheating Emotionally

The form of cheating is when a person exchanges personal information or first with another person. The person would not exchange these flirtatious words if the partner were present. While it can start innocently by only being friends, it can become more personal and intimate.

Infidelity Counseling Orlando FL 32801

Cheating Physically

In many relationship issues, infidelity can take the form of physical cheating. The partner crosses the boundary by physically having an affair with another person. These relationships include suggestive or sexual connections without the other partner's consent.

Cheating With Porn

Pornography cheating is when a person engages in frequent porn activities that make the other partner uncomfortable. As a result, the person might hide it from the partner or lose an emotional or intimate connection.

Consider Affair With Infidelity Therapy 

Infidelity counseling in Orlando can help you and your partner in different ways. While it is hard work attending the couples counseling sessions, it is worth the effort to save your relationship.

You can journey to healing together as a couple to decide the best way forward. You may even find that with the help of a qualified therapist, you can work through the problems and remain together.

The important thing is that the accountability partner must decide they need help and want to end the cheating. Furthermore, the cheated partner must want to forgive and try working on their relationship again.

Once this occurs, the pathway to healing can start, and the involved individuals can regain the lack of trust to build a new sense of connection. The truth is that when someone cheats, they are not bad, but with some help, the cheating partner can turn their life around.

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