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In your daily life, you face a range of life challenges, leaving you stressed. Likewise, you face personal challenges in your life and have life goals. But if there is one thing that is all consuming and disrupting your life, it is addiction.

Addiction pulls you away from your job, a beloved hobby, and the people you love, your family. It leads to an addictive behavior leaving you or someone you know only thinking of the addiction.

You risk everything to be part of the addiction to engage in that activity. Even if you know, it can affect your well-being leaving your life in jeopardy. The truth is a compulsive behavior is not easy to overcome.

Addiction Counseling Orlando FL 32801

But you can overcome your destructive behaviors when you have the right person helping you. So, if you know a person or yourself struggling with an addiction, the hardest step is getting help.

Marriage Counseling of Orlando has decades of experience helping with addiction recovery counseling to sober up life. In addition, our counselors have extensive experience understanding any form of addiction inside out.

With their counseling experience, they know how the recovery process works and are available to help you or the person you know through it. The initial step to addiction recovery is to contact us.

We know it is not the easiest step to take, but these proactive steps will change you or the person's life. So let's help you or the person with your relationship with people to live a happier and healthier life.

The Term Addiction

When you say someone has an addiction, the first thing that comes to mind is a dependency on alcohol or drugs. Still, while these are common addictions, people face a wide range of addictions in their daily lives.

Yes, drugs and alcohol are dangerous addictions, but they can also stem from other behaviors to substances as follow:

  • Sexual Addiction
  • Smoking Addiction
  • Gambling Addiction
  • Shopping Addiction
  • Internet Addiction
  • Eating Addiction

These are only a few addictions that can affect people's healthy lives resulting from underlying issues. which can lead a family separation. Yet, no matter what type of addiction you find, it can be resolved with intensive treatment to recover from it.

Now, we can take it even further by splitting the addiction into two forms known as physical and psychological addiction. With physical dependence, a person has a physiological reliance on a substance like a product or a drug.

When not taking the substance, the person relapses into withdrawal symptoms like smoking. With psychological dependence, it is more like a drive to seek an addictive behavior whether the physical dependency does exist or not.

While the two addictions develop hand-in-hand, your psychological addiction develops mainly from activities or substances. Yet, it does not cause physical dependence.

Regardless of the addiction, it all comes down to not being able to control your usage or not doing a specific activity in your day, like gambling.

"Where should I start? I had substance abuse issues, and it eventually ruined my marriage. But luckily, I had a caring wife that stuck with me. She gave me an ultimatum either I go for help, or she leaves me. As a result, I worked through my problems with addiction treatment and have been free from it for over a year."

J Wayne (Orlando)

The Benefit of Addiction Treatment Programs

Freedom from addiction is a complicated and long road to travel. Once you overcome your physical dependence, you must go through a mental rehabilitation process to help prevent a relapse.

The mental rehabilitation process comprises counseling for addiction. The treatment aims to provide an addict the support of using cognitive tools to recognize different factors that can trigger the addiction.

The addiction experts of Marriage Counseling of Orlando work with you through the forms of addiction you may have. Our addiction recovery counselors know that no one size fits all.

We provide addicts with individual programs for addiction treatment for the best results. Reach out to one of our therapists today for professional addiction therapy. We can help with long-term recovery from any addiction.

Addiction recovery counseling Orlando FL 32801

Get Freedom From Addiction Today 

Our approach to addiction therapy can help you recover from your addiction. Marriage Counseling of Orlando has expert addiction counselors who treat your concern with utmost care. We care about your life when deciding to walk a path to recovery.

We will be there every step of the way. With our recovery approach, you will get recovery coaching and life skills to overcome your challenges. While your recovery journey might not be easy, it can lead to healthier mental health with our one-on-one personal sessions.

Reach out to us NOW, as comprehensive treatment plans are available to help.

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