Greenwood Cemetery

Greenwood Cemetery in the Orlando area is home to some of the most interesting and unique histories in the entire city. Located on a picturesque estate in SW Orlando, Greenwood Cemetery has been providing its peaceful grounds to locals for nearly 150 years. From its founding by Dr. Henry T. Green in 1872 to its current state-of-the-art techniques for preserving memories of those buried here, it is more than just a final resting place—it’s living history.


One of the things that makes Greenwood so special is that it offers visitors an opportunity to experience some of Florida’s earliest days. Amongst its headstones are many prominent figures who helped shape our state’s history, including former governors, state representatives, Civil War veterans, and survivors of the infamous Great Freeze of 1894-1895. The cemetery also features monuments honoring those who died during both world wars, showing how far this region has come.

Old Oaks

Greenwood Cemetery is full of old oaks that tower over its grounds, providing a beautiful and serene atmosphere for visitors to enjoy while they stroll through the winding pathways. Not only are these trees great reminders of the past, but they also provide shade during those hot Florida summers. With its lush green grass and mature trees, it’s easy to see why Greenwood has been an important part of Orlando since before even Walt Disney World was established in 1971.

Unique Mausoleums

Greenwood Cemetery also offers unique mausoleums for those who wish to be buried in a more traditional setting. Many family mausoleums are housed within the cemetery walls, offering a fitting and meaningful tribute to their loved ones. The serenity and beauty of this place are sure to make any funeral service or memorial even more meaningful.

Various Events

Greenwood Cemetery also hosts events yearly where people can come together and celebrate life through music, art, and food. During these special occasions, visitors can take guided tours that offer insight into the cemetery’s history and current state-of-the-art conservation efforts. Here, you can better understand what makes Greenwood so special and unique compared to other cemeteries in the area.

Whether you’re looking for a place to rest in peace, find inspiration or explore the deep roots of Orlando’s history, Greenwood Cemetery will surely provide an experience unlike any other. With its great atmosphere and expansive grounds, it’s easy to see why this cemetery has been such an essential part of central Florida since 1872.