Lake Ivanhoe Park

Lake Ivanhoe Park in the Orlando, Florida area is an outdoor recreational area you can visit with your family or friends. It features 25 acres of land and seven miles of trails to explore nature at its best. It was named after the nearby Lake Ivanhoe, a popular fishing destination.

The park was designed by renowned landscape architect William Lyman Phillips, known for his work on the National Mall in Washington D.C. and the Hollywood Bowl in California. It was originally a swampy area until it was drained in 1910 to create Ivanhoe Park, making it one of Orlando's earliest parks. In the 1930s, many of the structures in the park were built using limestone from nearby Fern Park.

15 Things to Do in Lake Ivanhoe Park

  • Stroll. Stroll along the seven-mile walking trail that winds through the park, offering magnificent views of Lake Ivanhoe and the surrounding area.
  • Go fishing in Lake Ivanhoe. It's stocked full of bass, bluegill, and sunfish! Try your luck at reeling one in.
  • Outdoor sports. Enjoy some outdoor sports on the athletic fields in the park's center. It features two baseball diamonds and a volleyball court.
  • Picnic with family or friends. Invite your friends or family to one of many picnic areas scattered throughout the park, with grills for cooking delicious meals outdoors.
  • Feel like royalty. Ride on horseback along designated bridle trails that wind through the park.
  • Watch a movie. Watch a movie at the 4,000-seat amphitheater in the center of Ivanhoe Park. It's often used for concerts, plays, and other special events.
  • Play. Have some fun with your friends or family by playing on one of the two playgrounds located in the park.
  • Canoe or kayak. Take a canoe or kayak on Lake Ivanhoe and explore its peaceful waters.
  • Visit the Orlando Science Center. It is only about a mile from Lake Ivanhoe Park! The science center offers interactive exhibits perfect for kids and adults alike.
  • Eat. Stop by one of many concession stands throughout the park to grab a bite or snack.
  • Go for a swim in the onsite pool. It's perfect for cooling off after a hot day outdoors.
  • Have a romantic evening. Enjoy the park's famous light show, which is held every Saturday night from 8-9 pm.
  • Watch the sunset over Lake Ivanhoe. Enjoy the view from one of many benches and gazebos scattered throughout the park.
  • Explore nature. Take advantage of all the trails and explore nature at its best!
  • Check out the animal sanctuary. You can find turtles, ducks, rabbits, and other wildlife living harmoniously with the humans around them! This is an ideal place to bring kids who love animals.

In Conclusion

Lake Ivanhoe Park is a great place to take your family or friends for a day of outdoor activities and relaxation. With its beautiful trails, picturesque views, and abundance of things to do, it's no wonder why this park has been an Orlando favorite since 1910!